Wednesday 23 September 2015

Reminiscing.. the first time we lived together!

Moving house next week has got Warren and I reminiscing about the first time we lived together. He had already moved out and was renting a house and a few short months after we starting 'dating', I moved in with him and his housemate.

I was 20 at the time and I had always looked forward to the day I moved out as it signalled being a really, independent adult which is something I dreamt of since I was about 14! I remember buying and reading the book 'How to walk in high heels' which is the 'girls guide to everything'... it has tips and tricks on how to do every life skill, from changing a tyre to cooking a lobster. I really enjoyed it although I can't say I have remembered everything from it!

According to LightBulbs direct, 1 in 4 brits don't know how to change a lightbulb which I find quite funny. I am quite a girly girl and lack in some common sense but this is one life skill I do know how to do! I'm not too bad with DIY or skills around the house or cooking, although I must admit I do struggle when it comes to any car problems! I have never even put air in my tyres let alone change one! I drive it (just about) and fill it up with petrol and that's as much as I do!

I'm also quite bad if any home appliance goes wrong or needs putting it. The house we are moving too needs a dishwasher and washing machine plumbing in and I can tell you now I won't even try! If you're not clued up these things, my advice would be to try and find a friend or family member that can help so you don't need to call in the professionals and spend a bomb. My dad isn't a plumber but is very good at that kind of thing so will be helping us plumb all our appliances in!

If there is no-one to help, try to teach yourself.. sometimes information found on the internet or how-to videos can be really helpful and you never know, you may even remember that skill for the future!

I feel like we've come a long way in our lives together since back then and I can't wait to start our new chapter in our new house, with our new baby!

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