Thursday 24 September 2015

5 tips for studying with kids

If you have kids, it’s sometimes hard to imagine having any time left over for anything else. As much as you love them, there are probably a variety of other things you would love to fit into your day too, such as study. For those parents trying to further their skills or change careers, finding space in their schedules for a course can be an overwhelming thought. Below are five ways to help you manage this balance.


1. Go Online

When you’ve got kids, you need to keep things as practical as possible in your life, otherwise nothing is going to get done. If studying is one of those things, try distance education or an online course through somewhere like Careers Australia. These types of courses will allow you to study from home, and are flexible when it comes to the way you need to learn.

2. Have a Timetable

A manageable timetable is pure gold when it comes to sticking to a busy schedule, as this is visual proof of exactly what you’ve got on, how much time you’ve got to dedicate to certain tasks, and when events are coming up for you or the kids that may hinder your study plan. This will also let you partner know what you’ve got on so they can step in when you’re extra busy.

3. Play Together

As much as you might want to spend another hour finishing your assignment, still make sure you dedicate time each day purely to the kids. By doing this, your children won’t resent your study and feel like you are always choosing it over them. Another way to avoid this is to do school work together. That way you are all doing ‘homework’.

4. Me Time

Although it might seem impossible, scheduling in time just for you will actually make it easier to juggle family and study. Taking this time out, even for 30 minutes a day will help you remember why you’re studying in the first place, and what your goals are for you and your kids. Everyone needs time to breathe and remember what they love about themselves and their lives. This also includes looking after your health; if you’re not healthy, you can’t give 100% to your kids or your next assignment.

5. Ask For Help

As much as you want to try to do everything on your own, sometimes it’s just not possible. Universities and online learning environments are there to help you achieve your goals, so if you’re struggling with workloads, talk to them. Also, have a chat with your partner, your family or your friends if they can take over with the kids for a couple of hours, just so you can get some extra work done. There is no defeat in knowing when to step back.
For anyone who says you can’t have it all, just take a look at the guide above! So it might not be as simple as that, but learning how to manage your time will help you make the most of your day—for your kids, your partner, and your study. It might require extra commitment now, but if it’s something you love, it will be worth it in the end.
What do you find to be the hardest part of managing kids and personal goals? Leave your answers below.

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