Saturday 15 August 2015

Pregnancy | My first trimester must haves!

first trimester must haves

I'm 13 weeks pregnant today so I thought it was a good time to share my first trimester must haves. It's been a hard first trimester for me with lots of nausea and migraines and I still wake up feeling really bad some days but hopefully I'm through the worst of it. I am hoping to film a first trimester diary (with bump shot!) on my YouTube soon so make sure you're subscribed to me to see that.

My absolute must have has been sparkling water and I wish I had thought of it when pregnant with Sienna. I can't stomach much liquid whenever I am pregnant so find it really hard to get fluids in despite being thirsty all.the.time! Sparkling water seems to be ok (but it has to be cold) and the bubbles really help settle my tummy. I have been going through 5 bottles a day to survive!

I have been in my Cantaloop pregnancy bra since I was 5 weeks as my boobs have been so sore and so huge! It's so comfortable to wear as it has no irritating seams and has a Y-back strap for extra support. It's also so soft and is made from breathable fabric so is perfect to wear day and night.

I have found mints and polos really good to get rid of that disgusting taste you get in your mouth and also the 4head stick does help to relieve my headaches and migraines a little which is good. I carry these in my bag at all times!

In terms of food, I have literally been living on crap food, it's like the longest hangover ever, all I want is carbs and junk! There has been lots of toast, bacon sandwiches, McDonalds and jacket potatoes, but what can you do! Sienna has had one too many ready meals in the first half of this trimester too as I just felt too tired and ill to cook and didn't fancy anything. I don't feel too bad though as I always made sure they were our favourite Annabel Karmel meals which have no nasties and are good home cooked food for her. I made sure she still got her veggies in even if I couldn't!

Now my bump is really starting to show I have been using oils and body products the past few weeks to help with the stretching of the skin. I got lots of stretch marks with Sienna and I do think it's mainly genetic so I'll get them again, but you can always try! I have been loving the Rose range from Aromatherapy Associates, they are 100% safe to use during pregnancy, smell amazing and are really nourishing to the skin to help with the elasticity.

I think that's all my main must haves this time round! What were yours?

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