Friday 14 August 2015

Clever ways we could make extra money for our wedding

As you may have seen me mention, we’re currently saving up to get married! By being clever with our cash, we’re hoping to have put aside enough pennies to have the day of our dreams. We’ve cut down on all the things we don’t need, and we’re putting everything we can in a savings account. However, like most people planning a wedding there is always that worry. What if it isn’t enough? I thought I’d come up with a few ideas of how we could make some extra cash, should we be running a little short. Hopefully, some of these will help you too.

Rent a Room
This is a great idea for those with a spare room. Get a lodger! In fact, it doesn’t even need to be a lodger. You could rent it out for holidays if you live somewhere touristy. Those who live in places like Cornwall will find it easy to rent their spare room out to travellers. You can use a website like AirBnB to advertise. I’d only suggest doing this if you’re happy with complete strangers coming into your home. It can make people feel a little uneasy, so weigh up the pros and cons. A lodger may be a little less risky, as you can vet them first.

Did you ever collect anything as a child? It may have been Pokemon cards or classic dinky cars, but I’m willing to bet you have a collection of something. If they don’t hold any sentimental value, then it’s well worth selling them on. Some of these things are highly collectable and can go for a small fortune at auction. It’s always worth having them valued first if you’re unsure. You could end up selling them for a lot less than they’re actually worth. Have a look on selling sites and see what they’ve gone for in the past. It will give you a good idea of what you should be asking.

A Side Business
For me, blogging is like having a part-time job. It’s the same with plenty of people who have their own websites and blogs. This is an extra source of income that we may not have had before. It doesn’t need to be blogging, however. If you’re crafty, then you could create things to sell on places like Etsy. If you have a specific talent, then you could sell that to people on Fiverr. There are so many ways you can set up a side business, to bring in extra cash. Just make sure you’ve registered as self-employed and paid your taxes. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a lot of trouble!

This is something that’s becoming extremely popular with those who need a little extra money for something. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel about fundraising for my wedding! There was a story recently about one guy who has set up a page for people to donate to. What’s it for? It’s to make him a millionaire. Well, you can’t blame the guy for asking. A much simpler way would be to ask guests for cash instead of gifts. You can even set up a Honeymoon Fund, that friends and family can donate to. It all depends on how you feel, asking people for money.

These ideas are definitely food for thought if you need to raise a little bit of extra cash. Do you have any ideas of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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