Monday 17 August 2015

Family budgeting.. for 2 kids!

Budgeting when you're a family can be hard.. kids always need something or other, they grow really fast and before you know it they need a whole new wardrobe. I am already thinking about how we're going to budget for this baby as we are obviously saving for our wedding as well... eek! It's not the best timing either as we have Sienna's birthday November, Christmas is of course December, Baby due February and then the wedding is next October! But anyone that knows us wouldn't expect anything less from us.. we always do this the most awkward, stressful way round haha!

I have my top three tips that I am going to try and stick to from now on to ensure we can afford what we need to when all of these big events happen! Read on to see what they are!

Shop around
I'm really going to start shopping around to see where the best bargains and deals are. If I have to go to two different shops for my groceries or visit a few different shops to compare prices to save the most money then so be it. 

Buy in bulk
I'm going to try and make the most of good offers and stock up in bulk on the everyday things we will always need such as toilet roll and washing products etc. I'm also going to keep my eye out for any vouchers or voucher codes I can find online and make the most of reduced/sale items.

Question it
Lastly I am going to question everything I buy before I buy it. If we really need it then of course, I will get it but if it something we aren't desperate for, we can wait a while! 

We have already thought of a back up plan if we get closer to the wedding and think we aren't going to be able to afford it and that is sensibly using a credit card. I think we will know a good few months before if we're going too or not and if not, in which case we'll get a credit card asap and get small things and pay them off straight away. This will help us increase our credit score and avoid accumulating debt on it before we need to use it for a bigger chunk of money. After the wedding we will then have to 'pretend' we are still saving just as hard but use the money to pay off the card so we aren't in debt. Hopefully it won't come to that but I always like to have a back up plan just incase! 

So that's my top three budgeting tips, do you have anymore to add?!

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