Wednesday 24 June 2015

Notes on nutrition - Healthy travel friendly snacks

When we go on holiday, I do see it as a time of indulgence; enjoying some of the yummy things I don't have regularly but I also like to try and keep a balance. I tend to keep most of my day similar to my usual eating habits and maybe splurge on a nice meal and dessert in the evenings. I thought I'd do a little post on healthy travel snacks as it's something I am always looking out for myself. 

Chirps - I mentioned these in a previous post but they are a great option! They taste delicious, have so much flavour and are higher protein, lower fat than regular crisps as they're made with egg whites. The texture is similar to a crisp, it has a good crunch. These are a brilliant alternative to your usual crisps!

Beloved date & seed bars - Bars are so handy for travelling but you do need to be careful to grab ones with natural/lower sugar. These ones from Beloved use naturally occurring sugars from the dates and don't add any sugar so it's a great option. They taste delicious and the whole rolled oats add some healthy carbs and the seeds add some healthy fats and protein. They also do a Date and berry bar which is delicious as well! 

Nuts are a healthy option as long as they are portion controlled. Of course I love my peanut butter so I always bring that along, I use it on toast, porridge or with a banana for a yummy but healthy snack. I also love the Munchy seeds handy packs to munch on and the Graze box nuts are delicious swell; the black pepper cashews are my favourite! 

Fruit is a great option too but try not to have more than 2 pieces a day because of the sugar content! Fresh fruit isn't always that travel friendly so dried fruit like the apple crisps can be better, just make sure they are a natural brand and don't have any added sugar or chemicals. 

Lastly, I always take popcorn as it can satisfy a sweet tooth but isn't too high in sugar/carbs (depending on which one you get). I try to go for salted or sweet and salted to keep the sugar down as opposed to something like toffee!

These is just a few options, there are so many more healthy travel friendly snacks out there!

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