Tuesday 23 June 2015

#mumlife - Keeping the house clean with a toddler!

Until you have kids, you don't realise how important it is to have a child friendly interior and how hard it will be to keep your house clean. Some days, I feel like giving up trying to clean my house while there is a toddler running riot. Within 2 seconds, the house is covered in crumbs, dirty finger prints and spilt milk.. hurray!

Since having Sienna, there are a few things in the house that would could not be without.

The first one is a leather sofa.. what a god send! They may be cold when you come down in the mornings but being wipe clean means they are a parents best friend! I can't imagine the state our sofas would be in had we had material ones. As nice as they look, I just don't think they are practical (at least for this family!).

The next is the Vinyl flooring in the kitchen.. Again, it is wipe clean (I wish we had it in the bathrooms too, it would be much more hygienic) and is so easy to look after unlike real wood flooring. It still looks brand new which is more than I can say about our cream carpets in the rest of the house..

The last one is my newest addition, my beloved Dyson Cinetic! I could not be without this now, it really makes my carpets look so much cleaner and just sucks every bit of dirt out! I have done a video review below if you want to see more!

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