Thursday 25 June 2015

Pros & Cons of Tuesday

Yesterday was a good day at first and then it turned into a not so good day, so I thought I'd share the pros and cons of our day as sometimes all we focus on is the negatives, although yesterday the negatives did kind of out weigh the positives, haha. It's alway a hard day when your toddler is ill. I'm just glad we got a nice morning in before the illness hit.


- It was a gorgeous sunny day so we went to the park in the morning, we had to go to the shop afterwards and I put my run keeper on (even though I was walking) just to measure the distance and in total it was 3 miles! Felt good to get that exercise in before lunch.

- I got some yummy fresh wholemeal bread at the supermarket so lunch was extra yummy, I've been loving chicken, light mayo & lettuce sandwiches lately.

- I got a Brita filter water bottle and I love it! Our tap water tastes horrible so I don't really drink that much water, I only drink green/peppermint tea but when it's hot, I want some nice cold water. This makes it taste 100% better and I keep it in the fridge overnight so it's nice and cold when I wake. It will work out cheaper than buying bottled water in the long run too which is good.


- It was too hot for a 3 mile walk! As lovely as the weather and park was, I could have done without the 3 mile walk in the sun pushing Sienna in the pram loaded with shopping! It was harrrrd!

- Sienna woke up from her nap really grumpy so we kind of missed the lovely weather in the afternoon, she just wanted to snuggle on the sofa and didn't want to go outside.

- As the weather was so nice, I really fancied tortillas and guacamole as my afternoon snack but low and behold the shop was sold out of guac! I settled for salsa instead and that seemed to do the trick.. I could eat it all day long!

- Sienna was actually grumpy because she was ill, she fell asleep on the sofa which is unlike her and when I picked her up to carry her up to bed, she was shouting she was going to be sick. She was and then zonked out in bed again :( Poor little bugs!

- It's getting way too hot to sleep now Summer is finally here. I find it hard to sleep, we're on the 3rd floor and it gets so stuffy and hot up there I feel like I can't breathe! I have seen Slumberdown's climate control range which keeps your body at the perfect temperature. The Dacron fibres draw moisture away from your body keeping you warm, cool and dry.. it sounds really good, I think I'll have to invest as I get so grumpy when I don't get enough sleep and I hate being hot.

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What were your pros & cons of today?

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