Tuesday 3 March 2015

Sienna's new cardigan + starting pre-school!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and Monday didn't treat you to badly ;) Monday has become my cleaning day as the house seems to get in such a tip over the weekend as our routine is more relaxed! I actually love nothing more than blasting my music and cleaning.. Sienna loves helping me too so it's actually quite a fun day!

Today we got up & ready to go and see another pre school for Sienna. I was trying to hold off until July to put her in the first one we viewed but it's so hard keeping her entertained 24/7, I'm about to go crazy!

Sienna wore her new cardigan and looked SO cute, I love this outfit!

(Sorry for the bad quality pictures but Sienna does not stay still no matter what!)

Her cardigan is from Petitfashion and is the Catimini reversible cardigan. I absolutely love the concept that it is reversible.. so versatile and it means I can put it with lots of different outfits. It looks very chic when worn with the buttons on the back! The star fish print is subtle but cute and the lace on the shoulders adds a girlie touch. I absolutely love it! It's amazing quality too but we will have to remember it's not one to be worn for nursery, I don't want it getting ruined!

We loved the pre school and they have space to take her straight away so she is going for her first session on Thursday! This is how excited we are...

(haha, I love how Sienna actually looks scared!)

She didn't actually want to leave today when we left, the lady said I could leave her for a few hours as a taster day but I wasn't expecting it so it felt a bit weird to just leave her unexpectedly haha! But we are both very excited for time away from each other.. as much as we love each other I'm sure some days we could do with a break haha. I think I'm going to go shopping and get a coffee what a luxury! I can't wait to not sit down and be interrupted.

After viewing the nursery, we came home and Sienna watched a bit of TV while I did some work and looked a few things up like accountants (I really should get one!) & wedding stationary/cakes.
We're now going to have lunch and quickly vacuum before we have friends coming over for a play date. Perfect!

Have a good day everyone!

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