Tuesday 3 March 2015

Are you a 1950s baby?

If there was a time machine, we would have definitely taken it to relive the good ol’ days when everything was simpler. Not all hope is lost though, as there is one online bingo site called that has made a successful attempt to turn back the clock of time and take us to the yesteryears.  
Bingo Extra is themed on the vintage look of the golden era with pastel colours and it features over 100 slots games apart from the 75, 90 and 5 line bingo rooms which are hosted by friendly moderators. Players at Bingo Extra can experience the unique feel of the 50’s while enjoying £10 free and 50 free spins just by signing up, while on their first deposit they can earn 300% bingo bonus or 100% slots bonus along with 100 free Spins. You can journey through the different games on this site such as bingo, pre buy specials, slots, roulette, table and card games, and scratch cards to experience the nostalgia of those great years. 
In the 1950’s many artists became known for their new form of art vision called abstract expressionism where paintings were said to have a life of their own, usually without a recognisable subject. The year 1950 was also the inaugural year of Formula one which was contested over six grand prix races in Europe which saw Alfa Romeo dominate the championship to win all of the European Grand Prix.  During those years, baseball and boxing were highly popular, while people started having more interest for football and golf. 
From the beginning till the end, fashion has been greatly varied in the 1950’s, and during those years we saw the introduction of many new styles with some honouring the particular style of the 1920’s which were back in fashion. The waistline caused a major issue during that decade as some women adored wearing the snug fit dresses while others preferred the dresses with no waistline which was often referred to as sack dresses. People felt a little more freedom when it came to their fashion choices as they no longer felt like they had to comply with a certain look for specific situations or events.  This also saw the rise in brightly coloured clothes and accessories, and also the creation of bikinis.
Music played an important part in the 1950’s too during which there was a broadening world audience for each new genre of music that were being revealed. The discovery of new genre of music gave the audience different tastes of melody that were never heard before. Rock and Roll had just seen the days and loads of this music was created, however classical music was still very popular such as jazz, blues and swing. In the movie industry names like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Sophia Loren were very much popular. Technology was making huge strides and this saw the movie industry coming under attack by the television thus making the cost of producing a movie rise sharply. Drive-in theatres were flourishing and this also saw the renaissance of the European cinema.
These are just some of the gems of the past which we can still celebrate at Bingo Extra where time has not only stopped but has gone back to the good times of the vintage days. Those days might be gone but not forgotten, and they are still as glamourous as ever at this exciting retro styled bingo site.  

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