Monday 2 March 2015

Taking rest days & the FlipBelt

Over the weekend I took a rest from exercise. Say what?! Very unlike me.. but I could tell my body needed a break and that I had been overtraining. I read this post and everything made sense. I felt like I had lost my passion for exercise and life in general, I was feeling down and exhausted yet I had never thought it would be due to too much exercise. Everyone tells you exercise gets the endorphins going and puts you in a good mood so I thought it couldn't possibly be that. 

After doing a workout on Tuesday, my muscles hurt hurt, not DOMs hurt and they just wouldn't recover so I decided to take some days off. I could never take a full week off I don't think as I genuinely enjoy exercise and miss it but those 3 days really helped and today I am back on it! According to that post you should take a good few days to a week off every 12 weeks if you workout at least 4 times a week so I think I will try to put that into action now as to not burn myself out. 

Today when I did my workout, I wore a new fitness accessory.. the FlipBelt. I would describe the FlipBelt as a modern bumbag..  It is a sleek and stylish tubular waistband that can hold your phone, keys and on-the-go essentials when you're running or at the gym. Having your keys or phone bounce around in your pockets is not comfortable or practical so this is a brilliant solution. 

It fits snug on your hips and keeps everything in place and your hands free and of course it is easy to use... 'To keep items secure, simply slide them inside the belt and then flip it over, no zips or fuss'. It is machine washable and dryable so you don't need to worry about it getting sweaty or dirty and it comes a fab range of bright colours so you can match it or clash it with your athletic wear. I think it's such a brilliant idea and it's so handy.. I will be taking this on our walks and to the gym if I sign up when Sienna is finally in nursery!

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