Sunday 1 February 2015

When I was younger I wanted to be....a childminder

I always used to think becoming a Childminder would be my perfect job. My Mum was a childminder for a while and sometimes she would have the kids until 6 in the evening so I used to help her after school. As someone who always knew I wanted kids and to be a stay at home Mum, becoming a childminder seemed like a great way to be able to do that but still earn my own money. 

If you are great with children then working from home as a childminder may be a very good option for you. Children are so fun to be around and this is a very flexible job that allows you to work all kinds of hours. Really whatever works for you and your clients. Working as a childminder allows you to be your own boss for the most part. You will care for the children as your client desires but you get to set the pace of the day, make your own schedule while you are there and you even get breaks throughout the day during naptimes and what not.

Working from home as a childminder is also a great time to further your education. It can be difficult to head back to a campus while you are working full time but these days there are many online learning opportunities that make it easy to earn a degree and learn new things right from the comfort of home. You can also utilise time during your work day to get some of your work done on the computer when the children are napping or playing quietly.

The types of classes that are available through an online learning program vary and the options really are endless. There is a program for just about everyone. Some of the following are programs that can be completed from home while working in your current field:

Online Marketing Courses
Marketing is a fast paced and exciting career option. When you take online marketing classes you learn all about different ways to promote and market a brand, a person etc. You learn all about the internet and the best ways to use it to your benefit. You learn about promotional materials, how to run an event and much more. Marketing is a promising field because the majority of businesses utilise marketing services to some degree. This is how a business gets ahead and gets clients on a regular basis.

Wedding Planner Courses
Another great online learning opportunity is wedding planner courses. Becoming a wedding planner allows you work out in the field. You are not often stuck at a desk in an office for hours at a time. Typically the only computer work you will do is doing some research or marketing yourself. The majority of your work is done on site at the wedding venue, at your client’s home, in stores or in your own home completing wedding-related projects. You will learn all about dealing with your clients, proper business practices and so on when you take online wedding planner courses.

Finance Courses
Becoming an accountant, business planner, financial planner etc. is ideal for anyone who is good in math or likes to pay close attention to details. These jobs are always in high demand and can be found at most businesses. Finance courses online are very easy to complete because this is all work that you can sit down and do. There is no hands on learning for the most part such as if you were in a medical field or something along those lines.

If you are looking to further your education while you are working as a childminder, then you may want to look into NCC Home Learning. If you are great with children and want to work from home as you further your education and learn new things then this is a great opportunity. The course selection is endless and the work can be done any time that is convenient. 

Now that I am earning money from blogging/vlogging, I haven't got the time to add in anything else but this is definitely my plan B if that all starts going down hill!  

Would you consider being a childminder? 

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