Saturday 31 January 2015

Aldi baby & toddler event + ring shopping

Hope you've all had a good week! I feel like we've been really busy as we've been dress shopping and it seems it's all I can think about now! My car also had it's MOT which is always a scary time but it passed (well..besides 2 light bulbs!), woo! 

I popped to the Aldi baby & toddler event this week too to see what I could find and I was really impressed! I got Sienna some really good bit and it's brilliant value for money as always, highly recommend it! 

I got... 12x wipes, 2 story books, Calpol, 2 packs of tights, a non spill zippy straw cup, a grip tight bib and some kiddylicious raspberry crispy snacks. I was really happy with the tights as normally I pay £2-3 a pair but these were packs of 2 for just £1.99 and are cute patterns too! I also stocked up on the wipes as it was a box of 12 for just £5.99.. absolute bargain! These are fragrance free too and don't irritate sensitive skin, they're also great quality and I prefer them to the more expensive brands you can get. If you're in need of baby/toddler bits definitely head to your nearest Aldi!

I thought I'd also just do a mini wedding update as well! I just want to say thanks for all the feedback on my wedding dress video.. it is much appreciated! I have read every comment and taken your opinions on board. I am going to try some different styles today so I'm really excited. Also today, I think I found my wedding ring! I had no intention of looking yet but when walking past the window it caught my eye.. you can't blame me can you?! It seems I'm being drawn to anything that sparkles lately... except bathrooms taps.. they're not so appealing ;) 

 It actually looked gorgeous and it fitted really well with my engagement ring even though it wasn't made to fit. I know some people might think it's crazy to be buying it now but I think it's quite an easy decision to make.. and it doesn't matter if I get it now or later because my engagement ring will stay the same no matter what! I like being organised and getting things ticked off the list! 

It's a little bit more than we had budgeted for but you can tell it's better quality and it was a thicker band so hopefully will last longer. A lot of them were really thin and looked quite cheap next to my ring. The lady helping me was lovely and that was her advice.. get a similar band to the engagement ring. You don't want to have an expensive engagement ring such as something from George Tarratt and then pair it with a cheap looking wedding band, it just doesn't look right! Now we have to find Warren's! 

Do you love Aldi?
+ Did you get wedding rings early or leave it until the last minute?

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