Sunday 1 February 2015

Sienna's favourite app + not being a professional blogger/vlogger

Sienna's been so into technology lately and I know it has a bad reputation but I always try to make sure she is doing something somewhat educational. When she was younger she loved apps that taught her animals and shapes (I swear it was how she picked them up so quickly!) however now she loves the more creative ones.

I recently downloaded the POP Artpad app for her to try out and it has been a big hit (mainly with us! haha) it's a lifesaver when we're out & about or in a restaurant and she is getting bored.

It keeps her entertained for ages.. there is colours, paints, pencils and 100+ stickers so she can make loads of different pictures. You can also take or select pictures and decorate them which she thinks is hilarious. It definitely gets her creative juices flowing and keeps her quietly occupied when I have nothing else to hand. The best part is it's a free app!

   Sticking with the technology theme of this post.. let's talk cameras. You may have noticed I have only been posting iPhone photos on my blog lately and that is because my 'big camera' has died! I'm not really sure what happened to it but it won't read any memory cards (I have formatted it and it still doesn't work). With saving for the wedding I don't think it's the right time to purchase a camera so iPhone pics will have to do for now. It does make me feel less of a 'professional' blogger/vlogger though.. I'm not one of these people that have immaculate pictures, with backgrounds set up and the focus slightly off etc.. I just don't have the time for that so I like to keep it real with my quick iPhone snaps that are taken in the moment.  

Having said I can't afford a camera, I have been looking at this Panasonic Lumix compact digital camera. It doesn't look big and scary, it looks a great size for taking out and about with me whilst still giving great quality pictures and videos!

What apps do your kids like?

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