Wednesday 4 February 2015

Tips for bargain buys!

As wages stagnate and people are finding it harder to make ends meet, more people are making their way to charity shops to find a bargain or three. It’s amazing what you can find if you have the patience and enthusiasm!

Up-cycling is cool

You’ll have probably noticed in the last few years that a new word has entered the English vocabulary. From TV shows to articles in magazines and national publications, everyone’s talking about the joys of upcycling. 

This isn’t exclusive to younger generations though and many older people are aware of this trend too. In fact, if you spoke to those who live in a McCarthy and Stone development or any other retirement property then they’d probably tell you they’ve been doing it for years!

The secret is to go to a charity shop and then see if you can give an object a new lease of life. 

Be aware of your limitations

Many people buy clothes in charity shops, according to an article in Metro newspaper but they often return home with wonderful ambitions - and then leave the clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe because their sewing skills are limited or they’ve become bored with the project. 

When shopping, only buy a garment that you are confident you can transform, or doesn’t need any alterations at all. Listening to others can also help. For example, a recent generous donor in Bournemouth handed over £60,000 worth of wedding dresses to a charity shop. As soon as the word was out they went like hot cakes, so tune into your local charity shop grapevine! 

Charity shops don’t just stock clothes

Charity shops also stock furniture and fridges, washing machines and other domestic necessities. Always check that these products come with a warranty, if so, you’re on track to save pounds. 

Also, charity shops do vary from area to area, if you’re trying to source, some better quality goods then look for an area that is popular with the retired crowd; this generation often invested in quality and give generously to others. 

The Huffington Post suggests that you can often track down original pottery and ceramics if you know what you’re looking for and take your time but you should also be prepared to leave the shop empty handed. You don’t want to buy an object just for the sake of it and clutter up your home!

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