Wednesday 4 February 2015

A new juicer + the best hair detangler!

Happy hump day! I hope you're all having a good week so far, we certainly are :)
Today my new eleganto juicer from klife was delivered as I am so excited! I haven't got round to using it yet but it looks great and I can't wait to create a fresh green juice! 

It's been another 'doss day' of just doing the chores and playing. They're actually my favourite kind of days, I hate rushing here there and everywhere! Warren's mum came to see Sienna in her lunch hour so that was nice to have some adult conversation! haha! It's nice for Sienna to see her too of course and breaks our day up a bit!

I had the yummiest lunch, basically a salad bowl but I had a sweet potato too with cheese, ham and coleslaw, yum! When Sienna woke from her nap we popped to Waitrose to get some bits we'd ran out of (Sienna screamed the whole way round.. fun!) and then came home for more playtime, nursery rhymes and dinner! I did squeeze in a quick 20 minute workout.. Gina's 'Barre so hard'. Oo that is a leg shaker! I'll be doing that regularly for sure :) Before we knew it, it was time for bath & bed once again.

Now Sienna's hair is longer and I can put it up out the way, we only tend to wash her hair once a week. She absolutely hates having her hair washed so the less we have to wash it the better! It was getting quite tangled at notty though at the ends as it has a bit of a curl so we started using the Child's farm hair detangler. This stuff is amazing! You spray it onto dry hair (not wet like I assumed.. whoops!) and it just instantly detangles the hair! It smells gorgeous too like all the Child's farm range. I'm not going to lie I have been using this on myself too haha, it is that good!  

Now I'm just sat here typing this and also browsing Voucherbin. I've had such an urge to spend lately and just treat myself but I find myself feeling guilty if I do. This way I can still treat myself but use vouchers to get a bargain! They have some of my favourite stores on there including Gap, Feel Unique and Coast. I really need some new clothes, I feel like I'm wearing the same outfits over and over again so will see what I can find! :)

What have you been up too today? 
+ Where do you get the best bargains?

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