Tuesday 17 February 2015

How to dress your kids in style for less

If you want your kids to look super stylish but don’t have the spare cash to buy highly expensive garments – fear not! There are many cost-effective ways to help your little ones look and feel like superstars:
Look out for bargains and deals
Whether you love to hit the shops or do all your shopping online, keep an eye out for fantastic offers and deals. Sites like Lamaloli, for instance, not only sell branded clothing for kids at a great price but they regularly have top-notch sales that’ll save your hard-earned cash. 
We all like to get that little bit more for our money, so if e-commerce is your thing, bookmark your favourite sites today and keep checking to see what’s been reduced. You could even sign up for their e-catalogues and newsletters that will let you know when a sale is happening.
Buy in bulk
Shopping with kids can be a bit of a nightmare, so if you do decide to stock up their wardrobes using the net, avoid high delivery charges by buying in bulk or meeting minimum spends. This could save you a small fortune and will help you get all the fancy clothes you want without incurring unnecessary charges. And to stop you from purchasing things you don’t really want, just to get free delivery, why not team up with a friend or relative and shop together? You might even be able to benefit from bulk-buy discounts of multi-pack offers. 
Copy expensive styles
Many of the expensive kids’ clothes out there are often replicated by cheaper brands, so keep your eye out for garments that will look swanky but cost far less. You’ll find some great bargains on the high street and when you’re doing your groceries, don’t forget to check out what children’s clothes are available from the likes of Tesco and Asda. Supermarket chic is bang on trend of late and with a range of items for kids and adults alike you might even be able to treat yourself too.  
Make your own clothes
If you’re a creative person who’s not scared of a sewing machine, making your own clothes is a great way to mimic catwalk and catalogue looks. Simply take your inspiration from clothing magazines or TV adverts before getting to work on your own range of designs. 
You could even customise them with your child’s initials and set your own trends by adding unique features such as patches and mismatched buttons. If you take the time to do this, however, it’s worth making the clothes a size or two up from what your child normally wears, this will help them last longer and ensure your time spent behind a sewing machine was worthwhile.
There are many ways to dress your child for less, so don’t let high price tags push you into buying frumpy or unfashionable garments and instead shop around for something more to your budget – or just start your own fashion line.

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