Monday 16 February 2015

Sneak peek of our save the dates + wedding colours!

We had an exciting delivery this morning which was our Save the dates! I think it made it even more real than dress shopping as it's there in front of us.. the date of our wedding with our names! Eek! I really wanted to show you the whole thing but I know a lot of family read my blog and I didn't want them seeing them on here before receiving them. But here's a sneak peek...

We're so happy with them, I think they look great and they're exactly what I wanted/envisioned. I wanted something simple.. I had thought about more 'fun' ways like magnets or balloons but they were so expensive and I wanted it to be more on the classic side as that's kind of the theme for our wedding. Our inspiration was/is this mood board below...

We have gone for golds, peaches and burgundy. I really wanted peach as I love the softness of it and I think that kind of colouring suits me however when I was looking at peach mood boards.. they just screamed Spring or Summer and I felt it was a bit weird to have a peach wedding in the Autumn! Warren would have liked red as he supports Liverpool but I wasn't a fan of the red. I then started looking at Autumn mood boards in general and came across a few that incorporated both colours with gold and fell in love with it! I think it looks classic but with a modern twist and having the peach gives the dark red a bit of softness and the gold adds some sparkle. We both get the colour we wanted in a way so we have the best of both worlds and I think it suits us as a couple. I'm soo excited for the ideas I have! :)

What do you think of our colour choices?

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