Friday 12 December 2014

Surviving the Sales – The Secrets!

All hail the saviour that is online shopping; it takes away the pain of trawling through the rails, and it’s a great time to get hold of the items we really wanted during the Christmas rush. So, in the interests of keeping our stress levels at a post-Christmas low, here's an essential guide to the best sales and some tips on how to get hold of luxury fashion at the best prices!

High Street

The best thing about High Street retailers is that you can end up getting some real bargains, especially when the sales can be up to 50% off. Retailers such as NEXT sell classic dresses which aren’t too trend focused, so keep your eyes on these during December, then head online for the sale in January. This way, you get year-round timeless styles at the lowest prices. The two styles below include bodycon and swing styling, monochrome and classic colour palettes, and midi length cuts, which will come in handy for any occasions throughout 2015. It’s best to shop the High Street this way so you avoid spending money on fast fashion creations which may look great for the party season, but not much during Spring/Summer

Luxury Retailers

We all browse the boutiques and dream of floor skimming extravagant dresses that we just can’t bear to treat ourselves to, especially when we have so many others to shop for in December. However, as soon as we wave goodbye to the season of goodwill,January can be selfish season -and what better way to do this than take advantage of the sales!

Forever Unique are one of the ultimate online retailers for luxury, red carpet style dresses, therefore to own a stunning style from the celebrity inspired collections usually means putting them ontowish lists. The best tip is to hold off until Christmas Day has passed, embrace the sales, and seek out the most breath-takinglybeautiful classic dress that you can then own to take you into 2015. 

This black mesh and lace applique fishtail dress is beautiful; think of all the black tie and cocktail dress occasions this is suitable for.

A stunning dress with drape detailing and a one sleeve style is also a classic show stopping design to keep in your wardrobe for those all important events. Look out for a style like this when the sales hit, and you’ll have your fail safe favourite!


The price of beauty products can be hiked up on the run up to Christmas, yet can drastically fall once Boxing Day has been and gone. Retailer’s launch 3 for 2 offers, BOGOF’s and 50% sales as soon as January is underway; therefore it’s the ideal time to treat yourself to a spot of pampering. 

Retailers who only sell hair and beauty products online may be the best places to head when the sales hit, as they will try to out beat the High Street, launching exclusive online offers along with free postage and gifts with purchase. Outlets such as Beauty Bay ( and Fragrance Direct ( will try to compete to get the most shoppers and run the most unique discounts, so head to these more direct sites to see if they will launch one day exclusives.

There’s no need for sale season to be a stressful one now!

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