Saturday 13 December 2014

Raw buckwheat & blueberry porridge

I have recently been experimenting with some recipes and new products. I have come to the conclusion that maybe I have a sensitivity to gluten which is what causes my tummy to sometimes feel bloated, painful, sore and just all round 'not right'. I have noticed that it is worse after eating things such as white bread, pasta, etc.. so I am going to cut out gluten for a while and see if it helps.

I have also been really motivated with my workouts and healthy eating (which is weird before Christmas!) so I am loving trying these healthy, gluten free recipes. This morning I had a go at some Buckwheat porridge. I used the Doves Farm Buckwheat Grain* for this recipe and I love how it turned out. Buckwheat is apparently more digestible for your body than oats so I thought I'd give it a go. I really love Doves Farm as a brand, I feel like they have such a great range of flours and baking products that are gluten free and not available from other brands. 

I used this recipe from Deliciously Ella that I came across but subbed some of the products for things I had.. so oak milk instead of almond milk and the Aldi linseed mix instead of chia seeds etc. The recipe is pretty simple but you do need to soak your grains in water overnight to soften them. I have pictured the agave nectar but I actually forgot to use it! The finished porridge was sweet enough for me though so I'm quite glad I left it out. I also wish we had a more natural peanut butter but never mind. I really like this (I am eating it as a I type) and it makes a nice gluten free change to my normal porridge! 

Have you ever gone gluten free? Do you have any good gluten free recipes?

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