Thursday 11 December 2014

Our Christmas Jumpers!

Christmas is only 2 weeks away (how?!) and our Christmas jumpers are upstairs waiting to be worn on the big day! If you read my Christmas traditions post you will know that we have decided to wear Christmas jumpers every year on Christmas day, I know it's nothing new to some people but we have never done it before. I think it will be a fun tradition for Sienna to grow up doing, I know I will enjoy shopping for them every year!

This year Warren has a navy Santa one, I have a red one with little snowmen and snowflakes on and Sienna has a red one with a penguin on it. I love them all, I think they are so cute! We will probably only wear them for Christmas day but it's all part of the fun and excitement isn't it! I think most years we will go for novelty jumpers until Sienna is old enough to be embarrassed by it ;)

If you're still after your Christmas jumper, wether it be novelty, retro or trendy, check out the Christmas Jumper finder below. They have some great choices from all around such as New Look. John Lewis, Asda and's really handy, you don't have to spend ages looking through all the shops or websites to find a Christmas Jumper you like. 

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What kind of Christmas jumper are you after?!

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