Friday 5 December 2014

My worst stain

When Toner Giant asked me if I could help with research about the worst stains to get out of clothing, I immediately thought of one stain in particular that really annoys me and stains Sienna's clothes like no other.

When I first started weaning Sienna, I was more worried about the bolognese sauce and raspberries that would leave orange/red stains, however, I soon found that banana left awful black stains that not even the sun would bleach out. Yes, banana turns BLACK! 

It looks so innocent with it's yellow flesh and smooth texture.. who knew it would stain like that?! I have thrown out so many of Sienna's clothes due to banana stains. In the Summer I found the orangey stains would be bleached out with the sun when it was hung out, but not those old black stains! It just sticks and does not budge! It's not so much of an issue now, I'm so glad that Sienna can eat a banana with only a small amount of mess now and will actually keep a bib on but be warned if you are at the early stages of weaning!

What stain do you find the worst? To check out Toner Giant's post on it, click here.

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