Friday 5 December 2014

This week..

This week has been an average week. Most of it has been spent at home in the warm as it has been so cold! It is nice every now and then to get wrapped up and go for a walk in it but we have all had a little cough or cold here and there over the past few weeks so we are trying to shift the illnesses before this weekend! Of course, I have been catching up on housework (when do I ever not?!), we have so much washing all the time, argh! We only have a washer-dryer in our house which means I can only do one thing at a time, I have been thinking about getting another tumble dryer for the kitchen as then I could wash a load and dry a load at the same time although I have no idea where it would go.. the garage?!

This week I've been loving this Sunflower necklace from Accessories Boutique. It's a gorgeous silver tone necklace with 3 sunflowers; two smaller (4cm) and one larger (6cm) in the middle. The petals are encrusted with diamante and the centre is a large clear faceted stone. I love the vintage look of it and it's a good length too, it can be adjusted but sits beautifully wether on the shortest or longest length. It's definitely a statement and it has so much detail, as it's silver and diamante I feel like it's perfect for the Winter. I love wearing it with a plain top, it just adds a bit of interest to the outfit but still looks classy and not over the top for daytime. 

I have also been catching up on work before Christmas, trying to get a lot of blogging done (I have some posts to do for a Media Agency and some items to review) so that I can focus on Vlogmas for the rest of the month and not be so stressed and busy!

What have you been up too?

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