Friday 17 October 2014

Friday Favourites #1

This week we have been getting in the mood for Halloween, we are a lot more excited about Halloween this year as it will be Sienna's first year trick or treating! On Monday, we put up all our Halloween decorations, Sienna had so much fun doing it and it's something I've never done before; normally Halloween is one night and one night only! We've also been reading some Halloween themed books, this one above I bought from Morrisons. We've even been getting spooky in the kitchen. Aldi sent us out some ingredients and challenged us to make some spooktacular creations and we had so much fun!

What do you think? I'm actually quite proud of them! haha!

I can't get enough of a dark lip lately; it must be all the Halloween festivities rubbing off! I just think it looks lovely and is perfect for the Autumn. The foundation I am wearing above (#nofilter by the way) is the Clinique Superbalanced foundation and it's my new favourite. It's perfect for my oily skin; the most oil-absorbant I have tried so far but doesn't highlight any dry areas. It's amazing coverage for my not so great skin and really does stay put all day long which is great as I don't have time to touch up throughout the day! The colour also matches perfectly, I absolutely love it!

Dr Spot has really been helping my confidence this week so I had to include it. The thing that sold this to me was all the clever wording they use; super strength, poreshrink, clog clearing, fast acting… it did sound a bit promising didn't it? I whacked it on my chin and when I woke up, well we can't say miracles happened as I didn't wake with crystal clear skin BUT we can say it is pretty good. My spots were less angry, less red, and started going down right away. After a few days of using this they were really starting to go and I had had no new ones appear, yay! For £8 I think it's a bargain and definitely the best spot treatment I've used.

What are your favourites this week? 

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