Friday 17 October 2014

How does your garden grow?

It’s incredibly rewarding to reap the edible benefits of your own garden. Warren's mum has her own vegetable patch now and it's lovely that she is so self-sufficient, the vegetables also fast so much better! But it’s beyond disappointing to find they’ve been spoiled by an assortment of garden-variety critters.
Get rid of the critters and enjoy the fruits of your garden’s labour, with the following animal raiding tips.

Block the Visual
Animals smell food but are more intrigued once they have it in sight. Therefore, block their sense of sight by erecting a full-size fence. Some choose chicken wire or mesh material to cover plants and vegetables, yet animals, committed to addressing their appetite, are relentless in pursuit. ‘Hiding’ your goods out of sight ensures animals won’t take a bite.

Electrify the Fence
Buying an electric fence is another option and sometimes preferred by owners who don’t want a full-sized fence to create an eyesore. More effective since persistent animals may scale or dig under fences, electric fences produce an electric shock that critters remember to avoid despite appetite.
Use precaution before situating a fence in your yard or around your premises and check online at Fence Makers Fencing & Gates for animal raiding solutions. Ensure you comply with local ordinances and laws.

Know thy Beast
Depending on your area and nature of critter, it’s better to target the behaviour of specific species. For example, a deer can easily jump most fences, so an electric fence will prevent them from wanting to go near it. Alternatively, dogs will try to dig under fences unless the post is deep in the ground.

More humane than extermination, some gardeners repel rodents with pellets, garlic clips, castor oil, and predator urine. In addition, some plants, including castor bean and fritillaria, deter garden critters. Additionally, motion-detected water sprayers, ultrasonic gadgets, and reflective tape rid gardeners of unwanted visitors.

Cats and Dogs
Sometimes part of the problem themselves, cats and dogs get rid of unwanted inhabitants. Cats are especially good at keeping gophers away and dogs intimidate rabbits and squirrels. The constant prowling and patrolling of cats and dogs keeps unwanted pests at bay and considering another eating area.

Live Traps
Some gardeners prefer to lure pests with vegetables, catch, and drive the animals to another nearby location, hoping they won’t come back or find another place to call ‘home.’ Be sure your method and targeted animal obey local ordinances and laws.

*PR Collaboration with Mark Holmes. Mark Holmes discovered his green thumb when he planted his first cucumber seeds as a school project. Now with over 30 years of experience in gardening and landscaping, he enjoys sharing his tips and tricks for healthy, vibrant gardens.

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