Monday 22 September 2014

Saving memories

Being a blogger and vlogger means I have mountains of photos and video footage of our life from over the last 3/4 years. From when Warren and I lived in Bristol to when I was pregnant with Sienna and our days as they are now. I have kept all the pregnancy videos from our angel baby and of course, all the pictures we have of him/her. I hope to one day look back on them and be proud of how we got through something so hard. I quite often love to look back on everything and see how our life has changed and how Sienna and our family has grown, but all these pictures and videos need space to be stored. We use portable hard drives to keep everything on so we can keep our Macbook uncluttered, I often refer to them as 'my life'. So much is on there and I think they'd be the first thing I'd grab if our house ever caught fire (except Warren and Sienna obviously). This Intenso hard drive has 1TB of storage and is easy to use, it's already compatible with Mac so you just plug it in and get transferring. We have already filled two hard drives and I can see us filling plenty more over the years!

How do you save your memories?

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