Tuesday 23 September 2014

Aromatherapy Associates 'Inner Strength' range

Aromatherapy Associates are one of my favourite brands. I used to work with them when I worked at Sanctuary Spa and I fell in love when I did my training. Essential oils really can benefit the body and the mind, I am a true believer in that.

I was recently sent the Inner Strength range which I am very grateful for during this difficult time of our pregnancy loss. The range is defined as 'fortifying and inspiring'; the story behind them is that Geraldine, co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates, created this blend during her lowest ebb amidst treatment for Cancer. The blend is for anyone who is experiencing personal trauma. 10% of all proceeds of the Bath and Shower Oil will be donated to the charity, Defence Against Cancer Foundation, that is helping pioneer new cancer vaccine treatment, of which Geraldine is currently a patient so that's amazing too.

The Key ingredients in the range are Clary Sage, Frankincense, Cardamom, Vetivert and Geranium. These give the benefits of focusing the mind and calming the thoughts, helping to fortify physical strength when you are feeling drained, relaxing, calming and emotionally strengthening during difficult times and they also help balance emotions and stimulate circulation.

I have been using these since I got them and I really love them. Using them really does make me feel like we will get through this and encourages me to be strong. They smell amazing and I really look forward to using them. They are little bits of strength I use in the evenings when I have got through another day.

I use the candle a lot, nearly every evening I will light it and listen to Beyonce's 'Heaven'. It's like a little ritual I do after Sienna has gone to bed. It sounds silly but I feel like all day I am focused on Sienna and doing all the chores and I don't want the baby to think I have forgotten about him/her, so doing this little ritual is my time dedicated to the baby and remembering him/her. Sometimes I have a little cry but I think that is part of the healing process, it's not good to keep it inside. Sometimes I will even light the candle in the afternoon while Sienna is napping and I'm feeling a bit emotional.

I feel like these products, especially the candle have come to represent our baby and it means a lot more to me than just a candle. I'm so sorry Geraldine went through/is going through such a traumatic time but I am so glad she made this blend and shared it as a range to help other people as well, it's definitely been helping me.

Do you love Aromatherapy Associates as much as me?

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