Tuesday 23 September 2014

Golden rules for couples photography

Most couples want to preserve their memories by getting a professional photoshoot at some point or various points in their relationships. It may be a special occasion or just because you want to capture a particularly happy time in your lives together, and if you get them right you’ll have fun looking at those pictures long into the future. To help you get your shoot right, we’ve come up with these 10 golden rules for couples photography:

Act Natural
It’s very easy to step into cheesy territory when you’re getting photographs taken together. The best way to avoid awkward or forced looking pictures is to look as natural as you can. A professional photographer should help you feel at ease and then the fun you have together will shine through.

Bond with your Photographer
A chat before the shoot will enable your photographer to get know you as a couple and help him or her illustrate your personality through the pictures they take.

Be Comfortable
If your shoot isn’t themed around a formal occasion, we would advise wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. This will help you be yourselves and perhaps get into more active poses.

Strike a Pose
Some of the best pictures can come from the most ambitious poses. Get a piggy back or shoulder ride from your other half or be silly with some of the objects around you.

Obviously a bright sunny day is the ideal scenario but unfortunately we cannot control the weather. If inclement weather does prevent you from having your shoot in the great outdoors make sure you get the light right inside. There’s nothing which will make your shoot look dated or tacky more than rubbish lighting.

Be Original
Making heart shapes with your hands should be banned. It’s the last refuge of the uncreative. As long as you are relaxed and having fun, the shoot will look fresh and original and more importantly allow your personalities to shine through.

To ensure you are ready on the day make sure you’ve got all the necessary preparations in place ahead of the shoot. Remember hair appointments and shopping trips may need to factored into the planning.

Use your Natural Environment
If you are both tennis nuts get your photo shoot at your local courts or you may be mad about the beach go down and get your photos taken on the sands.

Relax and Have Fun
The shoot itself should be a fun experience and looking at the photos will remind you of a great day not just a fun period or event.

Print Out Your Pics
Don’t let your snaps suffer from the usual 21st Century fate of being left on a CD in a drawer. Print out your pictures, frame them or use them to make a gift.

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