Sunday 3 August 2014

Future proofing our children's tomorrow

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I've mentioned before that money is probably the one thing I worry about most. Not so much for everyday needs but for the future, especially now we have Sienna. 

Before we found out I was pregnant with Sienna, we had a loose '5 year plan' and our number one priority was to buy a house. Warren had always told me he wanted a house before kids as it is some kind of stability and if anything happened to us in the future, at least our kids would have the house to do whatever they wanted with it. 

I couldn't have agreed more however Sienna clearly had other ideas haha! A few month's later I was pregnant and we had to move out of our tiny flat as it wasn't big enough and didn't allow kids anyway. We had to use the savings we had to rent a bigger house, furniture and baby stuff so our plans of buying a house were put on hold. 

Fast forward to Sienna being nearly 2 years old and those plans are still on hold. Warren doesn't even know if it's worth buying a house anymore as the prices are ridiculous and houses don't hold their value anymore. 

When Sienna was born we actually opened a savings account for her. Some members of our families transfer money into her account at Birthdays and Christmas instead of buying her presents which I think is a great idea. We have started putting money into it too so that if we decide to not buy a house, at least Sienna will have something in those years to come!

Do you worry about your Children's future? 

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