Monday 4 August 2014


If you didn't see my twitter, Facebook or Instagram last night you may not know our news! We are currently 9 weeks pregnant with baby number 2! We had an early scan done on Saturday and everything is looking good, it was such a relief to see and hear the heartbeat and hear that everything is looking just as it should be so far.

Thank you for all our congratulations, we are so excited! We actually found out on holiday in Greece! I was unfortunately so ill, suffering from really bad nausea and the worst migraines, we actually nearly came home early however our holiday rep said we had to prove it was just pregnancy and I wasn't ill from the hotel food or anything so they ordered us a test!

Watching the video back it seems like we were't that excited but I was already 6 and a half weeks, so 2 and a half weeks late for my period and of course I had so many symptoms; nausea, migraines, sore boobs, fatigue.. we already knew I was pregnant this was just confirming it for the holiday rep! Of course we were a bit scared as well because of the previous miscarriages. I don't think I have really let myself think about it until we had the scan and saw for ourselves everything was ok! Now I can get really excited and I can't wait for the 12 week scan where it will be a bit bigger!

My 4-7 week pregnancy update will be up on my YouTube soon so make sure you are subscribed if you love those kind of videos, I'll be doing them each week!

Thank you for all your message and congratulations! :) We are so so happy and Sienna is excited too :)

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