Tuesday 1 July 2014

What makes me happy?


Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day which is good as it is the most important! No morning is complete without a cup of coffee to start, the smell alone makes me pretty happy as I'm a big coffee drinker. To eat, I have porridge nearly every morning. I find it fills me up until lunch and it's like a nice bowl of comfort in the early (not so nice) mornings. 

The sun

I think everyone is happier when the sun is out, it really affects my mood! Sunny days are the best!

Having 5 minutes peace

Being a mum is everything I ever imagined and more and I adore Sienna to pieces but it is so lovely to just have 5 minutes to myself. To paint my nails, read a magazine or just sit and drink coffee is a luxury and I definitely cherish it more these days so that makes me happy!


It's no secret I'm a chocoholic so this is not surprise and doesn't need an explanation!


When I'm in the right mood, music always makes me feel happy. Having a little sing a long can do wonders for your mood! 

What makes you happy?

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