Wednesday 2 July 2014

The BOB revolution pro!

When you do a lot of shopping walking like us, you use a stroller/pushchair a lot and there is nothing more frustrating than going for a long supposedly nice walk, only to battle with your stroller the whole way. Trust me, I have been there and done it. 

That was until I received this BOB revolution pro stroller. It is described as having 'limitless versatility, on and off road' which sounded brilliant. We do love to walk on all kinds of terrain but also like to shop too so a versatile stroller is a must have for us. 

It arrived when Warren was at work and as I am far to impatient to wait, I set about putting it together myself. To my surprise, it only took me around 20 minutes to put together with no tools (it was more a case of just clicking the wheels on) and I hadn't even glanced the instruction book. Once put together, the first thing I noticed was that it was quite big but also very sturdy. It looked nice too and the material seemed of a high quality. 

It has a lot of padding on the seat to keep Sienna comfortable, superior suspension for a smooth ride, a window on the canopy so I can keep an eye on her and four safety features in terms of the 5 point padded harness, drum hand brake, parking brake and wrist strap. Thanks to all of these features and the fact is it so heavy and sturdy, it makes it feel very safe for Sienna which I am grateful for.

There are also other features of this stroller than make it so comfortable for Sienna and I. It has the little 'step' that she sits on and another ledge for her feet to rest on which much be much more comfortable than her legs just dangling and a less awkward angle to sit. There's also the canopy that has a 125 degree range that is pulled out in 2 'stages'. Stage 2 is great if she's asleep or needs a bit more shelter from the weather (but not a full rain cover), it really does offer a brilliant range of coverage.

For me, there is the adjustable handle so that my wrists are comfortable when I am pushing. I also absolutely love the addition of the hand brake. We've never had a stroller with one of these but they are so handy for when you feel the stroller is running away from you when going down hill, I think all pushchairs should have one! One of the best points about this stroller is the storage capacity. It has the easily accessible and large basket on the bottom as well as two interior seat pockets for Sienna and a pocket on the back of the seat. Great for those times you go to the shop to get one thing and come out with ten! 

As it says, it is a versatile stroller so it has the option of being in 'sport' or 'city' mode. The sport mode locks the wheels so that it won't swivel as it does in city mode. This stroller is a lovely one to push, even though it is big and sturdy, it doesn't feel it to push. 

It's so easy to put up and down, however, when folded, I do struggle to lift it into the boot of my car by myself BUT I think that is what you should expect from such a sturdy stroller. It isn't going to be super lightweight and I'm fine with that, I'd rather have a safe, sturdy stroller than one that will blow around in the wind!

 My only qualm with it is that Sienna isn't even 2 years old yet and her head is already right at the top of the seat, the canopy gets in the way and touches her head as you can see in the picture below. It doesn't leave much room for growing, I don't know if we'll be able to use it up until she is 3 years old?

Apart from that, the extra storage, pneumatic tyres, hand brake, suspension, large canopy and extra comfort & safety, really make it the perfect stroller for jogging or leisurely walks and we have been really enjoying it!

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