Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Lancome Women

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Every single Nashville photographer would love to work with famous, beautiful and successful women for a huge brand, like Lancome. The company is well known for its collaborations with stars, that are wisely chosen and represent the beauty products in the best possible way.

The fresh actress Lilly Collins had her first Lancome campaign in January 2014 and it was a total success. The French Ballerina make-up collection together with Lily’s charm and grace, go perfectly hand in hand. Lily has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that it was a huge privilege for her to represent one of the best brands in the world. Also, in 2013 another young lady, Emma Watson has been an ambassador of the company. The Emma Watson campaign for the In Love make-up collection of the brand, was a also a huge success. Bright colors, fresh shades and fun looks were matching the star’s face in a perfect way. Watson has been a Lancome ambassadress since 2011 and it feels like there is a lot to see in the future, regarding the brand and the actress. 

The brand is always current and knows how to make it right. This is why, in September a new campaign starring Lupita Nyong’o is going to be launched. The 31-year-old Academy Award Winning actress is basically the Woman of the year. No wonder why, the French cosmetic and skin care successful company has chosen her. She is the first black woman to be an ambassadress for the company, but at the same time she is the fourth Academy Winning actress that has collaborated with the brand. The other three fabulous Oscar winners that proudly represented the high brand are Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz. 

Lancome’s latest collaboration is also an interesting one. The French company has signed with the successful music producer Caroline de Maigret. She is well known to the street fashion fans and has an absolutely gorgeous style, so Lancome strikes again. 

The company’s policy regarding the ambassadresses of its products, is a successful one. Every time a campaign is launched, there is a lot to see and feel. The high quality beauty and skin care products are the ones making the fabulous stars proud to represent. The Lancome Women are famous, gorgeous, talented and wise enough to work with such brand.

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