Thursday 24 July 2014

Master bedroom wish list

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Our bedroom is always going to be last on the list to be done as I feel like it's the room people see the least, so therefore it isn't as important. Although that being said, every time I go up there, I hate it! It isn't how I want it at all, it's bare, we don't have enough storage and it has no theme to it.

We still haven't got round to buying a new bed as there's always something more important I want first! Although we really do need one and a mattress too! I can't decide if I want pine like the rest of the house or white.. could I have white when the rest of the house is pine?! I'm not sure!

I think the main focus of the room is going to be bookcases though, I know that might seem weird but we have built in wardrobes and as we are in the attic, it's an odd shape. I feel it looks bare as we don't need any 'furniture' as such, just a bed, bedside tables and that's about it. These baby bookcases would fit just under our slanted wall and be so handy for storage, I think it would make a great feature of the whole wall!

I'm still unsure of the colour scheme, I'm so indecisive! I'm loving duck egg blue at the moment, I think it's girlie but isn't too much for Warren. By the time I get round to doing it I'll have probably changed my mind again!

What colour is your bedroom?

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