Tuesday 22 July 2014

Gatwick travelodge review

Our flight to Greece was from Gatwick airport at 6:50am and from where we live Gatwick is about 2 hours away. With us having to get to the airport a minimum of 90 minutes before our flight, it would be  ridiculously early and we decided it would be easier for all of us if we went up the night before and stayed over. 

We had to sort out parking whilst we were on holiday as well which I wasn't looking forward too but we actually came across the Gatwick Stay, Park & Fly service at Gatwick Travelodge and it seemed like our best bet. The travelodge is super close to the airport, we could stay the night and then leave the car there all week in safe hands for a very reasonable price and it just seemed easy!

Gatwick travelodge stay park & fly review

We drove up on the Wednesday night after dropping Sienna off at my mums and we didn't arrive until around 10pm. We were met by the lovely reception area which was clean and bright, all the staff were really friendly and quickly checked us in and confirmed our car parking was all booked in as I was stressing about it! We were also advised to book a taxi to the airport for the morning and they had the number and free phone to do it just in the corner which was handy. Again, the price was fairly reasonable. We got our cases and took them up to our room to check it out.

We were surprised by the size of our room, I think we got a family room instead of a double as it was huge and Warren found a pull out bed underneath our bed. The travelodge had recently been refurbished and it looked great, the bed looked so cosy with the lighting on the sides and behind. Everywhere was clean and tidy and looked inviting, although the bathroom didn't look as modern but did the job well. The room has all the essentials you would need including the little coffee station (which came in handy at 4am!).

As we had left a bit later than usual, we didn't stop for food on the way, we just wanted to get there and then sort it out so we were pleased to find out we could still get some food even though it was nearing 10:30pm. They do takeaway which is available 24/7 which is great as I can imagine people come and go all throughout the night being so close to the airport. 

The restaurant/bar area was really nice, very modern and spacious which is brilliant, not to mention clean. We sat at a table to eat but there was the option of more comfy chairs in front of the TV as well. These had a few fans watching the football as if we'd have got there a bit earlier I think we would have ended up there too!

There wasn't a whole lot of choice on the menu but I guess you can't really expect that from a 24/7 service. We got the garlic bread, onion rings and cheesy chips with BBQ sauce and it was really good. Warren had a beer whilst watching the end of the football and then we headed up to bed. Our bed was so comfy I wouldn't have got out at 4am for anything other than a holiday.. haha! After a quick shower and getting dressed, we snapped our #getupandgo selfie!

 Our taxi arrived promptly which was good and within 5 minutes we were dropped at the airport ready for our first holiday as just us two! I'd definitely recommend the whole service as it just made everything a whole lot easier to organise and did put my mind at ease a little bit more than sorting everything out separately. I also think it kept the cost down massively as opposed to booking everything individually.   

Have you used the Gatwick Stay, Park & Fly service? How do you find Travelodge's? 

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