Wednesday 2 July 2014

The last step of 'growing up'

Kiddicare recently created an infographic that shows the different types of beds or sleep solutions  kids go through from birth until 5 years old. Looking at it suddenly made me realise that once we've cracked the potty/toilet training, we are nearly at the last step of Sienna growing up... moving to a bed. Of course, I know she has much more growing up to do within herself, but it is the last milestone to her becoming independent and more like a little girl than a baby.

We actually already have Sienna's little starter bed, we aren't going to put her in it just yet as we want to crack the potty training first. I think introducing too many new things at once can be overwhelming for toddlers and they will more than likely rebel. The bed we have is this Classic white starter bed and I am hoping to put her in it and re-do her room around her birthday in November but we will see. 

As it is a starter bed, it is suitable from 18months until around 4 years so she will get plenty of use out of it. It's a solid wood and was super easy to put together but feels very strong and sturdy. It's lower to the floor than a regular single bed so Sienna will be able to climb out easily herself encouraging a sense of achievement which she will love.  

It does have these safety rails on that are said to prevent falling out however as you can see, they aren't very big so I'm not sure they're going to help massively. We will definitely be getting some sort of bed guard to go all the way down to make it a bit safer for her. I guess it depends on your toddler and how they sleep but Sienna never stops moving; even in her sleep! 

Aside from the bed rails not being that protective, I do think this is a great budget option of starter bed. As I said before, it is very sturdy and I think it looks lovely as well, it's a cute little bed for our cute little girl who's growing up way too fast! 

What first bed did your child(ren) have?

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