Thursday 31 July 2014

Me & Mine; Family Portrait July 2014

This is my 'Me & Mine' for this month. This photo was taken at Warren's mum's house before a family christening and I think it's lovely. Sienna was being so cute and funny, I think I was actually laughing in this photo but it still turned out quite nice.

We had a really lovely day at the christening, Sienna actually got the chance to christen herself with the blessed water at the end of the christening, much her delightment. She loved having water play in the Church, haha!

It's so nice doing these, I feel like Sienna has changed so much already since April's Me & Mine. Her hair definitely got longer and I feel her face is a bit less chubby, more like a little girl than a baby/toddler. Time just goes too fast!

dear beautiful

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