Wednesday 30 July 2014

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Another Jewellery wish list! I know, I know.. but a girl can never have too much! These are my top picks from marketcrossjewellers and as you can see I've gone for the silver theme. I do love silver jewellery and my everyday jewellery is silver/white gold so it all matches. 

Before this year I didn't even own a watch and now I own three! I have definitely got used to wearing them. This gorgeous one above is lovely as it's a bit smaller and more feminine than my others, I love the bit of bling too. In terms of earrings I'm definitely more into studs; these leaves are gorgeous and perfect for everyday. I'm a bit fan of leaves in general!  For days where I do want to up the bling these swarovski studs are gorgeous yet still understated compared to dangly earrings.

I have been on the look out for a nice silver bracelet or bangle for ages and then I find both of these that I love! The Gucci bracelet is lovely, I love how dainty it is yet it has the heart to add some interest to it with the Gucci logo engraved. The bangle is also lovely, again it has the bling and I love the cross over detail that makes it a bit more bulky than the bracelet. 

What's your favourite thing I picked? 

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