Friday 1 August 2014

Potty training update

When we first started potty training Sienna, I didn't think we'd use any kind of Pull Ups or Training pants. I didn't think Sienna would understand the difference of them to a nappy. However, Sienna soon started not wanting to wear nappies after being in knickers all day and was putting them in the bin. She also undid one side of her nappy one morning when she had pooped. I asked some other mummy bloggers what they thought we should do; a lot recommended Pull Up pants as they are harder to undo than nappies so I thought we'd give them a go. 

We've been using the Huggies Pull Ups for a few weeks now and so far I am impressed. They fit well, don't leak and Sienna can't take them off. We use the Daytime Pull Ups for nap time as Sienna doesn't normally sleep much longer than an hour and then we use the Night-time Pull Ups ones for sleeping all night. I call them her big girl nap time/night time knickers and she loves it. She still hasn't cracked the nighttime in terms of not seeing in them but as I call them knickers I have noticed she isn't as wet as normal, so maybe we are getting there?! If you've had the same problem with nappies when potty training I'd definitely recommend the Huggies Pull Ups! 

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