Friday 27 June 2014

Top picks; Tradefurniturecompany

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How gorgeous is this industrial coffee table? In fact, how gorgeous is all this furniture? I have a real love for reclaimed, rustic looking wood and wicker at the moment so these are my top picks from tradefurniturecompany.

I really do love the coffee table, it's so unusual, although probably not convenient for a family home with a toddler as it is on wheels! The criss cross on the sides and the whole reclaimed style of it is really cool though; I love the printed words. The little hi-fi unit is also unusual and good for storage but still looks lovely. It's nice as it's a bit higher, I think it could actually work well in our en suite or bedroom. 

The hallway storage unit is amazing and I would love, love, love one. I think they're so handy, not only do they look good but they also keep everything tidy and organised in one place. If only we had space for one! We'll have to get a bigger house with a big hallway so I can have it one day.. hint hint Warren ;)

This dining table and chairs has to be the nicest I've ever seen, seriously! It's so nice for a dining room table. The wood is absolutely gorgeous and a nice shade too, not too dark. The chairs are just amazing, definitely my style and gives me my fix of wicker/rattan and that country feel. It wouldn't need much decor on it as it's such a stand out piece, maybe a little runner and candle in the middle but that's it. Again, if only we had a big dining room for it to go in!

Which piece is your favourite?

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