Saturday 28 June 2014

Dressing your kids for the sun

The sun is a wonderful thing, filling our days with happiness and fun but it can be dangerous as well. Dressing ready for the sun is probably one of the best ways to ensure your kids are protected from the risks of sun stroke, sunburn & skin cancer. 

A sun hat is probably the most important item when being in the sun- for adults too! It shields the head and face which are likely to get most of the harmful rays and end up a little red. The wider the brim the better as it will cover more of the body, it will also help keep them a little cooler. 

You should also choose an outfit that will keep them cool but offers enough coverage to the skin. Did you know that a white t-shirt only offers an SPF of around 7 and this drops to around 3 when wet! Light coloured and loosely woven clothing allows the most UV rays through so try to choose slightly darker colours that are made of a slightly thicker fabric. This playsuit Sienna has is the perfect example of that but remember to still apply a high protection all over the body underneath the outfit. You could also add some sunglasses too; make sure they have at least 99% UV protection.

It doesn't matter wether you think your children have sensitive skin or not, the sun will still harm their skin no matter what so make sure you take all these tips into consideration when dressing them to be in the sun! 

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