Sunday 29 June 2014

The week that was captured #2!

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This week has been a lot better than last week which we are so glad about!

On Sunday Warren and I did a bootsale to get rid of some of the items that were clogging up our house! We got rid of all the big items so that was good. At the bootsale I bought Sienna a potty just for her to get used to it. I didn't expect potty training to start...

Monday was cleaning day as normal! As we were at home all day I thought I'd let Sienna run around without her nappy and get used to the potty. Low & behold, she was amazing! I have done the video below if you want to hear all about it.

On Tuesday we had another day just at home. My day started with a parcel of skincare that I was excited to try. We did manage to venture out for a walk aswell which was good but it was SO hot, I was sweating by the time I got home. Yuck! So we spent the afternoon in the garden with lollies & ice creams. Lovely! Warren had to stay away with work so I had a little pamper evening by myself. 

Wednesday we felt a bit like we were getting cabin fever so we went to my mums. Sienna loves playing with my brothers and loved them even more when they bought her some rainbow drops back from the shop as a treat! I braved driving there & back (it's about 10-15 mins) with Sienna not having a nappy on and she was dry when we got there and home! I think she is finally getting control of her bladder which is good, I'm so proud of her!!

Thursday was another day at home. We did chores, painting outside and Grandma came for dinner so it was good in the end! 

We went shopping with my mum on Friday and I hit Primark. I had a list as long as my arm yet surprise surprise, I couldn't find ANY of it. Grr. I did get Sienna some cute t-shirts though!

Saturday was horrible and rainy so we stayed in all day but had some nice family time together. We did drawing, rolled around on the floor and had a dancing session to the music channels! We also booked a last minute holiday to Greece for 10th July.. So exciting! It is just me & Warren going because we feel like we need a break from everything… (and I don't need any lectures on the fact we're not taking Sienna). I spent most of the evening searching eBay for holiday bits and bobs.. how cute is this beach dress?!

What did you get up too?

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