Sunday 25 May 2014

Raw Health + mini recipe!

I've wanted to try a few bits from Raw Health for a while and the other day I finally got round to it. Raw Health offer a great range of products that are just that; raw and healthy. They use organic raw ingredients where possible so that all the nutrition and goodness is kept in rather than being cooked out. 

The date and brazil nut bar was lovely, I always go for sweeter snacks and this hit the spot. It's pretty similar to the Nakd bars in taste and texture. 

The Zesty lemon & chia balls intrigued me as I haven't had chia seeds before despite hearing everyone rave about them in the health world. I also never go for anything lemon flavour. Being in a ball form and in a box made them feel a bit ore special than just grabbing out bar so it felt like a real treat. The texture is pretty much the same as the bars. The chia seeds are supposed to give you an energy burst so great for busy, tired mamas. These would be a great pre workout snack to give you a boost!

Now I am a chocoholic but I had never tried raw chocolate or Cacao. This seemed like a better alternative to chocolate spread as a treat so though I'd give it a go. It definitely tastes different but still give you the chocolate fix and taste sweet, just not as sweet. You can really taste the brazil nuts which I love. We actually made a little recipe with this, I just literally blended up a frozen banana, a spoonful of this and a splash of milk to make chocolate nutty banana ice cream, it was so good, so simple and healthy! 

Have you tried Raw Health?

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