Tuesday 27 May 2014

Our bank holiday weekend!

We've been loving these bank holiday weekends lately, especially as Warren has been away a lot. it gives us an extra day together. We started the weekend by going shopping, woo! I only really popped into New Look, Primark and Next. I will be showing my Primark haul in a little blog on my YouTube Channel soon but from Next I only ended up getting one thing, this adorable little blouse for Sienna! 

It's perfect for Summer, it has pink and florals so I couldn't resist! Next always does the nicest clothes. After shopping we went to see Warren's mum for a few hours. I was naughty and picked up some pastries on the way to go with my Costa Coffee! I had a pecan danish and it was so good! Definitely satisfied my craving for a yummy weekend treat :)

On Sunday, we got up and made a little cooked breakfast. I wish I could eat bacon every morning! We then decided to go swimming, Sienna hasn't been for months as we never got round to it on holiday. As it was a cloudy day we thought it would be a nice thing to do.

Little swimmers Hygiene mat 

I always get Huggies swim nappies as I think they are great, they always seem to fit well, are anti-leak and don't get too saggy even when wet. I hadn't seen this Hygiene mat before but I think you'll all agree it is a great idea! The one thing I hate about swimming is the horrible, unhygienic, slippery changing rooms, especially when you have little ones. The hygiene mat is non-slip so was great for Sienna to sit and stand on when getting ready and is obviously a lot more hygienic. It's also fab how it is machine washable and folds back up into the little pouch. At first glances I thought it was a disposable mat and would work out rather pricey but as it's machine washable and reusable, it's definitely something worth having in the swimming bag! 

After swimming we went for a meal which was nice, I ate way too much so then Sienna and I were both so tired we went for a nap! Why does being in water and a big meal do that to you?! haha!

On Monday, we went to something called 'Packhorse Fair' that happens every year in a local town. It's always a great day and luckily even though it was cloudy most of the day, the rain held off. There's lots of stalls, food and music entertainment, it's basically like a little mini festival. 

They always have a little circus there which will be so fun when Sienna is a bit older. Warren learnt to spin plates and Sienna was very intrigued too, although she couldn't get the hang of it ;) I'm not going to make this post too long so I think I'll stop here, I did Vlog a bit from our weekend anyway so I'll put that together soon so you can see more of the Packhorse Fair! 

What did you do this weekend?

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