Saturday 24 May 2014

Current fashion wish list!


Lately I have been feeling a bit of an identity crisis with my style. As soon as the warmer weather cropped up, I had no idea what to wear. I feel like gone are the days I can wear short skirts and skimpy tops. I am now a mum and I think even if you have the figure, it's just not a good look. If I could, I would live in my jeans and tops but sometimes it's just too hot and I do want to change it up. 

I have been seeing these cute 90s square tops around and I really like them. Even though they are a crop top they are slightly longer, so with high waisted bottom you wouldn't see much skin at all yet are still show your figure. If you paired one with this stripe jacket from Topshop, I think it would be perfect!

I'm also loving the patterned jeans trend at the moment, I love the look of the gingham but not sure if I'm brave enough myself! These tile print jeans again from Topshop are gorgeous and I love the lighter denim for Spring/Summer. They would make SUCH a cute outfit with the beautiful yellow daisy crop, I'm loving yellow right now too and this is just the most adorable top!

I was brave the other day and I actually bought some denim shorts from Asda, although when I got them home I was too self conscious to go out in them so they've been stuck in my wardrobe! I've been after a long kimono that I could wear with them and this Topshop longline kimono is the perfect length but light enough in the warm weather, I love the soft pattern and pastels.

One item I have been uming and ahing about is a shirt dress. This mink one from New Look looks lovely and is slightly longer so mummy appropriate. The only thing is I'm not sure how I would style it to look a bit more fun and young not frumpy! I also adore this floral shirt from New Look, paired with my denim shorts or jeans it would look fab. I'd also love some tan sandals/flip flops and I'm loving the look of espadrilles this summer too, these pink ones are so me! 

What are you lusting after? Do you think shirt dresses are frumpy? 

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