Wednesday 14 May 2014

3 steps to getting healthier

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With the warmer weather coming up, I feel like we are all wanting to be just a little bit healthier over the next coming weeks, so that we not only look better but feel better for those Summer days. I'd put up this post about 5 things you can do today to look and feel better!

1. Cut your portions
This is something you can start right away. Most of us are guilty of not realising what a normal portion is these days as we get served way too much in most takeouts/restaurants. Regardless of what it is you're eating, having a smaller portion than normal will contribute to you losing weight TODAY!

2. Cut out the bad stuff!
Junk food, drinking & smoking can not only effect your weight but your skin and mood as well. If you cut down slowly so you're more likely to stick at it that going cold turkey. Start by cutting down drinking to just weekends, then only nights out and so on. With smoking, you can swap to electronic cigarettes like these from the e-cig store. This again is cutting down slowly as they do have some nicotine in but less than regular cigarettes, then you can slowly wean yourself down to no nicotine and start feeling the health benefits!

3. Switch to whole grains 
Wholegrains help balance your sugar levels and also contains more fibre which helps keeps you fuller for longer. For an added bonus, go for wholemeal seeded bread/rolls etc, it will be less processed than regular wholemeal bread and you'll get the added benefits of healthy fats and minerals from the seeds! Oh and 'brown' or 'granary' ISNT much better than normal white, it has to be wholemeal/wholegrain.


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