Wednesday 14 May 2014

Bobux Classic white sandals

Bobux Classic white sandals review

Bobux is a brand from New Zealand that 'truly support the healthy development of little feet'. Their first business idea was soft soled shoes suitable for babies that stayed on but also supported growing feet. This was launched as the 'Bobux soft sole' and now over 20 years later, they offer 4 ranges of shoes for babies and toddlers that all carry the ethos of healthy feet. 

Bobux Classic white sandals review

Sienna was very kindly sent a pair of Bobux shoes to review; we chose the Classic Sandals in White from the 'i-walk' range as Sienna has been confidently walking for a good few months now. The other ranges they offer are 'new-b' for newborn feet, 'soft sole' for developing feet and 'step up' for first walkers.

Bobux Classic white sandals review
Bobux Classic white sandals review

First and fore most, I was really impressed with the packaging and presentation. The little welcome note is a nice touch and I love that they come in a box too. The quality of the sandals are brilliant, they are very well made and the detailing of the stitching is beautiful. Just as you would expect, they are supportive on Sienna's little feet but still very comfortable and allow her feet to bend and move. 

Bobux Classic white sandals review

I think they're so cute and I am really impressed with everything from the packaging to the quality. I would say they are equivalent if not better quality than Clarks shoes! I have already fallen in love with the new-b range, I can see myself getting a pair when baby number 2 finally comes around! The only thing is they are still a bit too big for Sienna, despite me getting a size 5 which I know she is.. however I did only use the conversion chart not 'the fit wizard' so it's probably my fault, whoops! I can't wait for them to fit her properly in the Summer! 
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What do you think of their ranges? What's your favourite style?


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