Thursday 15 May 2014

Throwback Thursday!

We all have that one dress hanging in our wardrobe that we just can't get rid of because it holds too many memories. I used to wear mine all the time before having Sienna and had some of the best nights in it.

I got it from a little stall in Bath one day on a whim and when I got it home it fitted perfectly and I loved it! Of course it was monochrome, so well within my comfort zone of neutrals but also had a lace layer over the top to add some texture and interest. I have worn it so many times as it is flattering but also comfortable, not to mention suitable for most occassions. This photo above is from a night out in Bristol, Warren and I were really in the mood to go out and party but no-one else wanted to come, so we ended going by ourselves and it was one of the best nights out we've ever had! 

Another night I wore this, was when Warren and I planned a Royal Wedding party at our local hall. Of course, I went as Kate Middleton so felt this dress was good for that, haha! I still have this dress in my wardrobe however I tend not to wear it much anymore as A) We rarely go out and B) I feel like I have worn it to death and everyone is bored of seeing it! I am also a bit smaller now than I was back then.

I recently got this dress from New Look and I'm hoping it will be my future 'Throwback dress'. Now that we have Sienna we go out a lot less but because they are so rare, we savour them and seem to have more fun now!

I love this dress, it's quite similar in the way that it's neutrals and flattering, although it's a bit longer and more 'mummy' appropriate! It can be dressed up or down, I can see me wearing it lots more parties, weddings and special occasions!

What's your 'throwback' dress like?


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