Wednesday 26 March 2014

A perfect mother daughter day.

*Written last night, about yesterday* 

Today has been lovely, I'm going to bed feeling fulfilled and in love with life and 'all' I have done is stay at home with Sienna, pretty much like any other day. So why was today so perfect? Sienna was just in such a good mood and that put me in a good mood. Nothing went wrong, we didn't need to rush around anywhere and I had time to spend with Sienna one on one.

It started like any other day, Sienna woke around 6:30 as usual chatting to herself and I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:45 to go and get her. We went downstairs where we do our morning ritual of our drinks (she has milk, mummy has coffee) and a snuggle on the sofa followed by breakfast.

After breakfast we got cleaned and dressed and then I didn't have anything I had to do, so we decided to go to her room and have playtime together. Sienna has really got into imaginative play lately and loves mixing with bowls and spoons and feeding her teddies. So today, I gave her a little present that I had been trying to keep back for her birthday in November. I got this little wooden cooking set in Asda on offer a while ago and have been hiding it ever since. 

Her little face lit up when I showed her it and she immediately took a pot and spoon and did her all time favourite thing, 'mix, mix, mix'. 

We both got into her castle tent with her cooking set and a few teddies and set about making them tea, adding in salt and pepper to make it taste right before giving it another little stir ;) Then she fed them until it was 'all gone'. It was so adorable and she had so much fun just using her imagination. We then moved around the room building with megablocks, reading books, counting and pointing out what we could see and then playing with her dolls house for a bit.

She was in such a lovely mood as well, she's been giving me kisses and cuddles all day and just being so well behaved. She has eaten well, napped well, barely cried or 'misbehaved' and it has just been perfect and how you would like every day to be. I'm so glad I got to spend quality time with her as some most days the Mothers Guilt gets the better of me. I feel like I always have so much washing, work, cleaning to do that although I'm with her all day I barely see her or get that time with her as I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done and not focusing on her.

It's definitely a hard juggling act being a work at home mum, stay at home mum and some kind of housewife but days like today remind me just why I do a few too many sponsored posts, why I love being a stay at home mummy so much and why all the hard work is worth it.

Sienna Olivia is why 

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