Thursday 27 March 2014

Shopping centres VS The high street

Shopping centres have been overtaking high street stores recently. There are pros and cons to frequenting both big shopping centres and high street shops. Let’s take a look at a few of them here.

 Everything under one roof 
One of the biggest upsides to a shopping centre is that you conveniently get everything under one roof. You could shop for a new pair of trousers, have some lunch, then visit HiddenHearing to get your hearing checked. There aren't many places where you can do all of that without walking too far. Most shopping centres have a wide range of clothing stores, places to buy gadgets, and a well-stocked food hall. 

 Easy parking 
Another upside to a shopping centre is the fact that it's really easy to park. You don't have to worry about finding a multi-storey or surface car park near to where you want to shop. (If you do need to find a car park in an unknown city check out NCP's search.) All you need to do is drive to your shopping centre, park in its car park and then get on with whatever it is you need to do. 

Shops in shopping centres tend to have more deals on than shops on the high street. This is usually because they are big chains who can afford to keep their prices low and have regular promotions. 

 A more eclectic choice 
If you shop on the high street, you'll be treated to a more interesting mix of shops. Of course, you may have to walk a little further between each but you'll probably discover some great local brands. You'll also find more unusual shops such as those selling vintage kitchenware, vegetarian restaurants, or maybe even a lovely little bookstore. 

 Support local business 
It's a sad fact of life that shopping centres are contributing to the decline of the high street. Instead of using the shopping centre every time you need something, visit the high street shops when you have more time. Just doing this little bit to support smaller, local shops can make a difference. 

 The high street is about more than just shopping 
If you need to pop somewhere quickly and easily to pick something up then the shopping centre is definitely for you. However, if you have some time to spare, shopping can be a real experience. Take some time to wander down your high street but also explore the surrounding area. You'll be treated to some interesting architecture and you may even find an interesting shop tucked away down an alley. 

 Customer service 
Because people are choosing shopping centres for price, high street stores are having to add more value to their services. They might not be changing their prices but you'll often find that high street shop staff, particularly in the smaller specialist and niche stores, have a greater depth of knowledge about their products, their businesses and their customers. That’s not to say shopping centre staff don't provide a good service but you might just get that little something extra on the high street.

Where do you prefer to shop?

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